To the innovators liked the at ExpoDetergo22.

The participation at ExpoDetergo 2022 ended with great satisfaction, which saw us exhibit “”, the simulation of an advanced laundry model, equipped with all the possible improvements relating to:
– energy saving and consumption control
– management of delivery and collection logistics outside opening hours
– air quality control
– payment systems and service activation
– analysis and governance of economies
– management of electrical devices with home automation system
Enginko, offering itself to small and large businesses, as the only interlocutor for all these important technical elements, has attracted the attention of the expert public.
For many entrepreneurs and managers, in fact, our small corner was a suggestion of how far it is possible to push forward in a sector that proves to suffer from a certain technological backwardness.
With the proposed solutions, through the LoRa® protocol and our devices already tested in other sectors, it is possible to take a leap forward with low costs, non-invasive interventions, process safety and certain results.
One of the examples is the LavTRA7 and LavTRA13 (service activators) cabinet + MCF-LW13IO actuator combination: the installation of the cabinet requires just few screws and the electrical power supply, the actuators are installed on each washer and dryer and in a few minutes everything works (without the need for expensive wirings and cablings).

E2Locker was also very successful, a locker able to extend the “opening times” of the laundry to unconventional hours.
And then the control of energy consumption, today more than ever a sensitive issue, thanks to the MCF-LW12MET device.
Many signs of interest from insiders confirm that we are on the right path.
We thank all visitors who have grasped our ideas and who will transform them into actions in their realities. For all of them and for those who want to learn more about the “” concept and every possible innovation thanks to our products, we are available!
Until next time!



Enginko joins The Things Conference 2022

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See you at The Things Conference 2022!
22-23 September, 2022