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LavTRA 7”

Self payment kiosk


The LavTRA 7” pay station is the most innovative “entry level” activator available in the market today. The LavTRA 7” can be used in the activation of aplications like washing machines, dryers, showers, hairdryers, timers in tourism and sports facilities, condominium areas, etc. With this new product, Enginko distinguishes itself in terms of the different applications and the technology from other similar products. The LavTRA 7” is equipped with a 7” touch screen display which offers a very clear human interface that guarantees an easy to use operation even for the “occasional” customer, guiding the user through the various selections with menus available in different languages, (IT, GB, FR, GE, SP…).

The metal housing is made of black satin painted steel. The 6-points locking system and the high-security lock makes the LavTRA 7” resistant to any manipulation. The modularity of the unit allows the implementation of additional functionality at any time without installation modifications. That peculiarity permits having a single LavTRA 7” control unit on which many other services can be connected at different periods. Enginko’s technological experience built-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) sector has opened the way for implementation of wireless connectivity using the LoRa communication protocol. This is a technology in which it is possible to transmit over a great distance using a very low power, comparable to that of a door opener remote control. Among other advantages like simplicity, wide range of coverage and flexibility of the network, the LoRa technology allows implementing in a very simple way home automation functions on the facilities such as: on / off signs, air conditioning control, air quality, C02 etc., all these without any additional engineering work. The various devices / services are activated through a small wireless interface, the mcf-lw13IO module, which by means of its relay closes the contacts to enable the services and receiving the busy / end cycle signal. In addition to the LoRa connectivity, the LavTRA 7” is also equipped with Wi-Fi communication to connect it to the outside world. The interface with Enginko’s Cloud8816 web is another fundamental element allowing the remote control of the unit and: • change prices • check receipts • disburse bonus-subsidies • send the accounting data to tax control authorities (in Italy Agenzia delle Entrate, AdE) • control of the operating status




• CPU Cortex Arm 7

• 8Gbyte memory

• Touch Screen Display multi Point P-Capacitive

• Touch protection G+G (Glass+Glass)

• Resolution LCD 7” 1024 x 600

• WLAN WiFi b/g/n (2.4Ghz)

• EkNext RFID reader 13.56Mhz Mifare 

• Coin Validator: 10, 20, 50 cent, 1, 2€ 

• LoRa Transiver 

• Interface Rs485 MODBUS* (optional)

• Power Supply 230Vac

• Working Temperature: 0 – 50C°

• Dimensions: L x H x P (mm): 476 x 370 x 231

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LavTRA 7”

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