Unity is strength

It can be said that enginko – even if his name is a newborn – had birth about twenty years ago, when two engineer friends began to invest and develop in the field of “contactless”, realizing that the market, in the years to come, would increasingly go in that direction.

RFtech®, this is the name of the company, quickly made itself known in the world of Vending, contributing to its growth thanks to innovations and concepts that were later produced on a large scale and, some, still used and appreciated.

In the same period – ran the year 2001 – mcf88® was also born, a company that made its way into the IoT world, both designing and producing devices with advanced technologies.

Since their inception, the two companies saw a pleasant cooperation between some professional figures. Then, a very intense collaboration made of research and development, investments, coherent strategies and excellent results began.

In 2020, the idea of ​​”joining forces” also from an administrative, planning, R&D and communication point of view.

Thus, in 2020, “enginko” was born, the brand that represents the union of the two corporate souls, an identity designed to tell improvement and offer even more complete and structured services.

The presence of a team of engineers and programmers specialized from the development of electronic devices to their connection, from the creation of user interfaces to APP development, from the analysis of market needs to the integration of complex systems capable of putting into communication man, objects, events, machines, banking circuits, the world.

Who turns to Enginko

Working in a transversal way and touching areas that go from private to public, from the agricultural company to industry, it is difficult to identify specific customers.

Summarizing, we can say: the companies and entities that need to monitor and manage resources, activate automation, save energy, analyze data, rationalize processes, understand environmental variables, improve life. And then all the realities that implement cashless payment systems and vendors.

And then all the realities that implement cashless payment systems and vendors.

What enginko does.