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The new multisensor that measures air quality and improves the quality of life.

The  MCF-LW12CO2E is the new product resulting from the pool of Enginko engineers.

Its versatility and the ability to measure various parameters makes it an excellent tool for those who want to monitor the air quality of environments frequented by large groups of people (such as schools, churches, offices), with a simple and immediate indication of the pollution level thanks to the 3 distinct frontal traffic light LEDs, and allows you to implement the necessary countermeasures against, for example, excess CO2 or lack of light or a non-optimal temperature.

A compact device with large capabilities.

There are six parameters that this equipment is able to measure:

With programmable alert thresholds, the CO2 or pollutant values ​​can be checked through the 3 traffic light LEDs, green, yellow and red, to have an immediate indication of the air quality.
The data coming from numerous sensors positioned in strategic places can be conveyed to a Cloud and analyzed in real time.

Extraordinary battery life

Many sensors of this type on the market have a battery life of 2-3 years under ideal conditions. Thanks to the size of the batteries included and to an innovative power management system, it is possible to guarantee a minimum life of 4 years in the worst conditions, thus reducing the number of maintenance operations during the life of the sensor.

Customizable in every detail

The user can set multiple control elements, from the thresholds to the brightness of the LEDs, simply through an app.

Enginko Guarantee

Each sensor is checked and tested before release and commercialization to deliver a reliable and long lasting product.

Visit the product page or download the brochure.