A Thought of Gratitude to the Friends of Venditalia.

Venditalia 2024 - vending by enginko

Dear Visitors,

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to all of you who visited our stand at Venditalia 2024. Your participation and enthusiasm made this event a true success.

We shared a bit about ourselves, starting with our pride in our high-security cashless systems Mifare®, which represent a significant step towards a cashless future. Many of you know us well for being the first company to implement Satispay® on traditional vending machines, making digital payments even more accessible.

We enjoyed seeing and noting how many of you are interested in using the sakurTRA® APP, our private app enriched with the option to recharge using cash or traditional recharging systems like credit cards or instant bank transfers.

There was also strong interest in PoSTRA®, the new universal PoS reader that supports contactless payment “Tap&Go®”; as many of you realized, these solutions simplify credit management through the main credit card circuits.

Our OctoPAS® portal also garnered great attention: offering advanced tools for vending machine fleet management, including detailed statistics, marketing management, and integration with third-party management systems, it can become the ideal partner for both small operators and large companies with significant numbers.

For all those interested in expanding possible applications from vending to activation systems, we introduced the new ulTRA® reading head along with Marte® LAN.

But our innovative solutions went even further, towards remote control modes that only IoT – in which we are particularly skilled – can offer.

A sensor for cold chain monitoring, a plug for checking electrical consumption and remote switching on and off, a sensor for verifying door openings, and finally, a sensor for checking the fill level of waste bins.

Our new scenario for the historic Marte® interface was also particularly well received: the idea of connecting the world of delivery to vending machines was a revelation for many.

Our vision of an interconnected “city” of services attracted a large number of visitors, demonstrating how much our solutions are appreciated.

Thank you again for visiting us and for taking the time to discover the innovations of enginko®. We are excited to continue working with you to build together the future of a sector that still offers many satisfactions.

With gratitude,
The enginko® Team