mcf88® incorporates RFtech® and enginko, the new brand, is born.

We have been waiting in our world for this event already hypothesized at the beginning of the year, but finally, after the last negotiations, we have joined the two companies: mcf88® incorporates RFTech® becoming a single large company; but the news is not over. In this precise moment, enginko is born, the new brand that brings together the products and services of the two companies. The new name is built by merging the words “Engineering” and “Gingko Biloba”.
If on one hand the engineering matrix that distinguishes enginko is declared, on the other we want to tell the character of the Company, placing it alongside the oldest tree in the world, present on Earth for over 250 million years, with a multitude of therapeutic properties . One of the toughest plants on the planet. It is with particular pride that we present our new identity, confident that this brand will accompany you for years to come, making itself noticed among the many and virtuous realities that nowadays flock to the world of Vending and operate within the IoT.
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