Enginko joins The Things Conference, together with 15 000 IoT professionals

We’ve come a long way since the market inception of LoRaWAN in February 2015. We’re more than 5 years in. It’s time to ride a wave of change and start building IoT at scale.
Enginko is joining The Things Conference 2021, the largest LoRaWAN event of the year, hosted online from January 25 to 29.
Together with 15 000 IoT professionals, we dive into LoRaWAN technology and share the anecdotes no one wants to hear, focusing on IoT war stories which give us a headache and restless nights of sleep. You will be confronted with security threats, power-hungry LoRaWAN settings, product lock-ins, miscalculated costs, hardware, optimistic lead-time estimations and POCs of death.
Join The Things Conference to see the real world of LoRaWAN. Experience hundreds LoRaWAN devices virtually, get thousands of connections at your fingertips and participate in technical deep-dives, live coding sessions and workshops to gain the skills to mitigate risks and to build IoT that scales.
See you at The Things Conference!
January 25 to 29, 2021
20% discount code: TTC2021-FRIEND-OF-ENGINKO